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Why you need a private photo editor


One editor to execute your carefully cultivated style to each and every photo. I am not just your photo editor, consider me a team member. I am cheering you on helping you get it done!  I only take on a limited number of clients to ensure they receive the best quality and quickest turn around time.


Outsourcing is the key to growing your business.  Freeing up time allows you to focus on other areas of your business, such as marketing, blogging, workshops, teaching, and getting more clients.  More importantly, it gives you time to be present with family and friends.  No more all nighters or missing important moments with your loved ones.

exceptional client experience

Average turn around time is 3-6 business days.  Imagine shooting a wedding on Saturday, cull and edit anchor images by Tuesday, and then sending over to me.  You will have the full edited gallery back by Monday to review and load to the gallery for your clients. You will be well rested and they will be overjoyed, win win!! 

frequently asked questions

Question :: Am I ready for outsourcing?

Answer :: If you don't have time to grow your business, you always feel like you are behind, pulling all nighters, or feel like your personal life is neglected, you are READY!!

Question :: What type of photographers do you edit for?

Answer :: I love KJ and Amy and Jordan educated photographers.  But, no matter who my photographers learned from, they have a definite editing style, shoot consistently, and know how to use light.   

Question ::  Is it still really my work if you are editing for me?

Answer ::  Yes!  You edit anchor images within your gallery from different parts of the wedding day.  I use those to edit the rest of the gallery.  Your work, your style.  I am just executing your vision!

Question :: What do I need to know to get started?

Answer :: Everything is done through Lightroom catalogs and I give you easy to follow step by step instructions.  I will help you every step of the way, it is what makes having a personal editor different from the large editing companies.

Question :: How much are we talking and what is included?

Answer ::  Basic Editing is $0.30 per image and includes exposure, color correction, white balance, highlights, shadows, split toning, noise reduction, basic cropping, and straightening.  Typical turnaround time is 3-6 days.

Culling is also available and is $0.08 per image sent.

Questions :: I am ready to get started, what next?

Answer :: Fill out the contact form or email me and we can set up a time to chat and get this thing rolling!  

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