Pursuit 31 Conference 2014 | A year of reflection

Pursuit 31 Conference | A year of reflection

Pursuit 31 Conference 2015 is exactly two months away.  Say what???  I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

I never blogged about the conference last year.  Not because it wasn’t awesome, because it was ahhh-mazing!!  I watched many of the attendees blog about their experiences, revelations, and God breathed sage advice they received from the conference and it left me feeling……deflated.  I had no epiphanies.  Nothing wacked me upside the head.  No a-ha moment bathed in warm sunlight.  I wasn’t sure for a moment if God spoke to me at all.  But, He did.  And, really, I knew it.  I think sometimes we think God has to wreck our world.  Maybe, He is not speaking about changing careers, or moving across the country.  However, that does not mean it is any less important.  That I am any less important.  Bob Goff said….well, he said a lot.  I could listen to him all day!  (Read his book Love Does, you won’t be sorry.)  “Remember who you are turning into.”  Maybe, that means God is whispering to me to desire what He desires for me.  Maybe,  I am not to set all these goals and expectations, but to give it all (my business, family, life) to Him.  Let Him determine what my success looks like.  Honestly, it may be going through a day without yelling at my kids or husband.  (That is an example, I don’t do that……too often;)  Staying on top of house work, giving my time and money.  Loving people.  Running a business that can be called ‘successful’ even though it doesn’t gross six figures.  My success doesn’t have to look like someone else’s.  But wow!  That is hard.  We live in a society of constant comparison.  But honestly, my only comparison should be with Christ.

So, to sum it up, I think God was telling me to surrender.  Seriously, lay flat on my face and give it all to Him.  So, how did this year go you ask?  Well, I am a work in progress.  I think reflection is an important step.  Remembering where I was so I can see where I am going.  Remembering what I’m aiming for in the first place.  I never said it was easy.  It takes grit.  Persistence.  A never ending desire to seek God and His will.  Yep.  Sounds pretty daunting, huh?  I am a self serving and self gratifying human being who really wants her way, not just for me, but my family.  Yeah, control is so hard to relinquish.  I love that I can come to a place like this conference and lay it all down.  Forage relationships, mentor, be mentored.  Be inspired.  Be brave.

I will leave you with another fantastical quote from Bob,

“There is a big difference between what you are able to do and what you are MADE to do.”

Ok, maybe just one more.

“Live in grace, walk in love, and don’t be afraid!”

T-minus 60 days until it is conference time again!

I will leave you with a fabulous video from last year and some pictures that will make you want to curl up and crawl into my suitcase:)


Port St. Lucie PhotographerPort St. Lucie PhotographerPort St. Lucie PhotographerMy room was in this building.  I love the architecture and colors.  There is just something about it.  Not to mention it is nestled on a beautiful hillside.Port St. Lucie PhotographerVero Beach Wedding Photographer_0045Vero Beach Wedding Photographer_0043Vero Beach Wedding Photographer_0042Port St. Lucie Wedding PhotographerPort St. Lucie Wedding PhotographerPort St. Lucie Wedding PhotographerPort St. Lucie Wedding PhotographerPort St. Lucie PhotographerPort St. Lucie PhotographerPort St. Lucie PhotographerPort St. Lucie PhotographerPort St. Lucie Portrait PhotographerThe following photos were taken by the very talented Desirea Still.

http://desireastill.comThe very lively and inspiring Bob Goff!
http://desireastill.comOur dinner on a hillside.  It was beautiful and magical!http://desireastill.comAfter dinner smores and ohhhh so much more!
http://desireastill.comOne big group picture.  I can not wait to meet so many more of these inspiring women!http://desireastill.com